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Comet Resources have a proven track record in delivering value to shareholders through a long running program of various exploration and mining activities. The board and management team are highly experienced with a wide knowledge base that is honed to finding and developing new prospects. 

ASX Listed

Comet Resources has returned $32 Million to Shareholders.

Comet Resources listed on the Australian stock exchange in 1994. Major project successess include the Ravensthorpe Nickel Project which was discovered and evaluated by Comet and developed with BHP Billiton.

Current Projects

The Company is now exploring mineral properties throughout Australia. The Springdale Graphite project located near Hope Toun on the South Coast of Australia is the key concern.  The project is currently in the exploratory stage with multiple drilling programs completed.  Results are extremely positive with high grade graphite of over 30% located and a wide area of graphitic mineralisation detected. Laboratory work has identified and produced large nano-platelet graphene through a customised exfoliation process.  The tenements are 100% owned by Comet resources.