The Springdale Graphite Project

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The Springdale Graphite Project

Location and Tenure

Comet’s Springdale project is located approximately 30 km east of Hopetoun, Western Australia. The tenements lie within the deformed southern margin of the Yilgarn Craton and constitute part of the Albany-Fraser Orogen. Comet owns 100% of the three tenement’s (E74/562, E74/583 and E74/612) that make up Springdale project. The total land holding at Springdale is approximately 220 square kilometres.

Plan Showing Location, Tenements and Area Drilled to date

The Project is on freehold land the area has good mining infrastructure and is approximately 150km from the port of Esperance.

Exploration success

Comet completed a successful first pass aircore drilling program in February 2016. This program confirmed that graphite was present in a prospective zone/horizon. Comet has now drilled 113 aircore holes for 2,901 metres and 20 diamond holes for 1,193 metres. Significant intersections from diamond drilling include;

Western Zone

  • HD001
    • 15.5m @ 9.9% TGC from 30.5m including 7m @ 20.8% TGC
  • HD003
    • 17.5m @ 11.3% TGC from 27m including 6m @ 22.3% TGC
  • HD016
    • 15.5m @ 7.5% TGC from 8.5m including 4m @ 12.1% TGC and 1.9m @ 19.3%TGC
    • 14m @ 6.7% TGC from 28m including 3.25m @ 20.2% TGC
  • HD017
    • 10.5m @ 7.6% TGC from 9.5 m including 4.95m @ 14.1% TGC

Eastern Zone

  • HD015
    • 1.5m @ 6.9% TGC from 8m
    • 9m @ 4.4% TGC from 40m including 2m @ 14.5% TGC
    • 9m @ 10.2% TGC from 32m including 2 metres @ 26.2% TGC
  • HD018
    • 5.6m @ 7% TGC from 15.5m
    • 4.6m @ 15.8% TGC from 40m including 3.1m @ 21% TGC
    • 11m @ 25.6% TGC from 49m including 9 metres @ 30.2% TGC

Northern Zone

  • HR0060
    • 20m @ 19.3% TGC from 30m including 13m @ 25.8% TGC and 2m @ 19.3% TGC mineralised at end of hole.
  • HR0061
    • 7m @ 16.3% TGC from 15m including 3m @ 35.1% TGC
    • 15m @ 7.3% TGC from 24m including 2m @ 23.1% TGC and 2m @ 16.1% TGC


Predominantly shallow drilling has only tested 1.4km to date. The tested area contains multiple graphite horizons that strikes roughly NE-SW and dips moderately to the SE. This zone is open to the north, south and at depth. A separate high-grade graphite zone was identified 1.5 km to the east by diamond drill hole HD018. The extent of this zone is to be defined.

Diamond drilling Springdale Graphite Project


Springdale Graphite Project drill hole location and graphite TGC% x thickness plan highlighting priority targets identified in the aeromagnetic survey.

Exploration potential

A detailed aeromagnetic survey has identified graphite target zones that extend over 26km within Comets tenements. Five priority targets have been selected from this data based on proximity to known mineralisation in existing drilling and geological and structural settings.

Aeromagnetic survey covering Springdale Graphite Project

Metallurgical highlights

Graphene by exfoliation:
In April 2017 Comet’s metallurgical consultants successfully recovered graphene through exfoliation of diamond core. Research and testwork on graphene production and other graphite products including battery graphite is ongoing.

Exfoliation of core from the Springdale Graphite Project.

Flake size

Select drill chips have been analysed to determine flake size. Large to jumbo flakes of graphite have the highest market value and they are common in the majority of samples submitted from the Springdale Graphite Project. Some flakes were up to 500 µm in size.

Below are examples of thin and polished section shots showing graphite flakes from the Springdale project.